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In the academic year 2005-2006 the "Biomass Specialisation Diploma" is offered by the University of Zaragoza and by CIRCE. Starting in the academic year 2002-2003 it has been organised within the framework of the European Master in Renewable Energy which has been developed in collaboration with several European Universities and coordinated by EUREC (The European Association of Renewable Energy Research Centres).

The course is given entirely in ENGLISH, and is 30 ECTS credits long. Its main goal is to provide intensive and specialised training regarding Biomass on an international level. Since it will be taught in English, the students come from different countries in and outside the European Union. The contents of the course are highly technical and the focus is practical, including the direct participation of Industries involved in Biomass projects.

Its European reach makes this course a cutting edge initiative among training courses in the area of energy resources and emphasises the capacity of the University of Zaragoza and CIRCE to provide training on a postgraduate level that is technologically advanced on an international level.

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