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The Programme is designed for healthcare postgraduates seeking to develop their career in this dynamic business sector. It offers participants the opportunity to acquire or broaden their knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Business from a local and international perspective, to develop evaluation criteria and apply management tools in the main functional areas of the Pharmaceutical Industry.

At the same time, they will perfect their communication skills and usage of the English language at a professional level. This is achieved by the unique feature of the Programme in that all sessions are given in the English language, the vast majority of them by native English speakers currently working in Multinational Pharmaceutical companies.

The Programme has a moduled structure which follows the logical development plan of a drug from its discovery to launch in the market, allowing the participants to consolidate an extensive knowledge of Pharmaceutical Company organisation and its business environment. Additionally there will be detailed discussion of the internal and external factors affecting the sector at a moment of unprecedented changes in the Pharmaceutical Industry. This highly dynamic situation requires a new vision and mentality on the part of its executives, and this constitutes a further objective of the Programme.

During the academic year, team-building business workshops will be carried out, through the highly effective Case Study method. Similarly, at the end of the Programme, participants will have to create, develop and present a Strategic Business Plan, where they will have the opportunity to put into practice the knowledge they will have acquired on the course. Finally, and as a consequence of fulfilling another of the objectives of the Programme, it can be guaranteed that the participants will demonstrate a considerable improvement in their communication skills in English, both through specific communication modules and the continuous application of these skills throughout the course.

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