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IESE Business School offers one of the world's top-ranked MBA programs. The program will provide you with a solid foundation in general management in a highly international setting and the opportunity to learn a new culture and language. Throughout the program, an emphasis is placed on leadership skills and entrepreneurship capabilities with a practical learning approach to solving business problems. Located in Barcelona, the school's world-class campus affords an unparalleled multicultural experience.

MBA Highlights
MBA Highlights Small class size, an open-door policy and active mentoring mean that you are able to form close working relationships with professors and other students during the MBA program. This highly personalized environment drives students not just to learn, but to think. The IESE community supports each individual's personal and professional growth, fostering a sense of community within the school.

MBA Program
The IESE MBA is like no other. Students learn to thrive in a multicultural environment, while acquiring another language. They gain solid general management skills in a challenging academic setting. They build networks of colleagues from around the world, while deepening their understanding of corporate social responsibility. Most importantly, the program teaches students to ask not what, but how and why. For those looking to work in an international environment, the IESE MBA is unmatched.

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